Maria Merryweather
Maria in the movie
Moon Princess
Moon Maiden
Vital Statistics
Gender female
Family George Merryweather (Father)

Eliza Jane Merryweather (Mother) Robin De Noir (Husband)

Sir Benjamin Merryweather (Cousin - Book | Uncle - Movie)

Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red
Affiliation Merryweather
Appearances The Secret of Moonacre (Movie)

The Little White Horse (Book)

Actor Dakota Blue Richards

Maria Merryweather is the main protagonist in The Little White Horse and The Secret of Moonacre. She is the last Moon Princess.

The Secret of Moonacre (In The Movie)Edit

Maria is very mature for her young age. When she is on her way to her uncle's house, Robin de Noir and his gang attack the carriage. Maria digs her needle into his hand, leaving a deep scratch. Later into the movie, she meets Robin again. Neither have seen each other's faces, so when she sees his scratch hand, she knows right away who it is.

When meeting her uncle, Maria doesn't feel very welcome. He seems cold and not really a big fan of females. Maria also meets Wrolf. The guard "dog" of the Merryweathers. Wrolf gets red in the eye (literally) when seeing a de Noir. The first example is when Maria fell for the de Noir trick. A rabbit in a twig-made cage. Robin captures her with his gang, but before they can bring her to Courier de Noir, Wrolf to the rescue.


In the bookEdit

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